How to compare car insurance


When you’re in the process of comparing car insurance, it’s important to know what and how to compare. Knowing what to compare will make it easier for you to decide and choose from hundreds of car insurance company that are available out there. Not to mention that companies are competing against each other by offering a variety of deals or offers that are often used just to attract and confuse customers. So it’s important to watch out for them!


When you have selected a few companies to compare, make sure to check out their customer reviews. Ideally, you should look at the positive and negative reviews from customers. When you find that a company has a lot of negative reviews, then you can easily cross them off your list. You’ll also be able to determine the level of services they are providing to their customers and it’s always good to know if they will be able to meet your needs and provide you with an excellent service for your money.


Some car companies actually specialise and cater for different types or groups of drivers. For instance, some companies solely target older drivers, some in young drivers and some in families. So depending on which group you are, you can always check out which company specialises in you as they may be able to offer you a better deal compared to a generic company.

Network Garages

Some car companies are connected to garages. Their clients can send their car to some garages where they won’t have to spend a penny as their insurance provider provides this service for free. If you decided to choose this option, make sure that they have a garage near you.

Online comparison tools

Some companies enable you to compare their prices with other businesses. There are also other tools available that does the same thing. Or you can even look at some companies that have already picked the best deals available.

Car requirements

Find out what your vehicle requirements are. You may find that there are some things that you don’t need. You’ll then be able to pick the most suitable package for your requirement and budget. You may even be able to negotiate by letting them know that you don’t need some of the requirements that are included in a quote.